Today’s Message (Easter IV)

This morning’s text was from 1 Peter 2.  The sermon explored the tension we Christians feel because we acknowledge two realities:  one is the kingdom of God and its radically beautiful vision of peace and justice, and the other is our current state where human governments are necessary to maintain order and security.  We must continue to submit ourselves humbly to the current order of things while at at the same time working to advance God’s Kingdom, which will eventually make our current order unnecessary.

So, is it wrong for Christians to work for justice here and now?  Absolutely not.  But as we work for justice, we must remember that it is only the Holy Spirit who will bring lasting peace.  And we must also be prudent and realistic about what can be achieved in any particular time and place, always making sure that we are not sacrificing the Spirit’s reconciling work in the world for our own short-sighted agendas.

May God grant us the wisdom to know when to submit quietly to our government and society and when to take the opportunity to speak boldly for God’s justice.

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